A Simple and Effective Way to Reconnect. 


Is time and other commitments preventing you from reconnecting or rekindling the spark you once had?

Did you know, you don't have to spend a lot of money OR come up with gimmicks to bring back the spark and connection back into your relationship.

This one simple practice will transform your communication skills, because it will help you build appreciation, gratitude and attraction like noting else. 

If you give the Healthy Love Habit a try for at least two to three times a week, for at least 30 minutes, you will experience positive shifts in the amount of joy, attraction and fun in every day. 

By the end of this program,

you will have…


  •  The Healthy Love Habit IS

    Based on the healthy habits of healthy, happy and strong couples who have gone the distance.  Couples who have survived challenges, illness uncertainty and the regular ups and downs of life.
  • The Healthy Love Habit WILL

    Help you both better understand what successful couples do and how some couples make it look easy.
  • You WILL Receive a video presentation about WHY the Healthy Love Habit Works.

    AND a PDF Worksheet to keep on hand as a guide to keep you both on track in developing the Love Habit.
  • You WILL Receive 5 Guided Meditations

    Sometimes life happens, and things get tough.  During times of stress and anxiety, it's important to become more mindful of what you need, want and desire within your relationships. The guided meditations included with this Relationship Kit are easy enough for beginners, because they are a basic mindfulness and stress reducing exercise, .
  • BONUS - Simple Guide to Meditation MP3

    Don't worry if you have never tried to mediate.  Or, if you've had trouble in the past.  You will receive an audio guide to help you get ready and make the most of your time in meditation. 
  • BONUS - 12 Forms of Intimacy & Connection PDF Guide.

    Learn about the 12 Forms of Intimacy and Connect that will help you think about the possible ways you can strengthen your connection.

The world feels a little bit out of control right now.  Leaving many relationships feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  

How do you successful couples make it through difficult times?

So many people enjoy the rush that comes with falling in love.  The anticipation of the phone call or text from the one that makes your heart beat fast and at times takes your breath away.  Remember your first kiss.  The warmth of their body next to yours and your hands tremble with nervousness.  Maybe, he held your face in his hands and looked into your eyes in a way that let you know he could see your soul.  That type of attraction, passion and connection doesn’t come around every day.

Fast forward a few years, and while you two have come down from the initial high if being attracted to each other, life required you to get to work and building a life together.  Marriage stress, like taking care of the day to day and keeping things moving is an important part of life.  Not to mention the unexpected things that happen that call for your attention.  Then, when you take a moment to connect, you find it harder to communicate in ways that don’t sound like you are dictating orders or rushing to finish your to do list. 

When was the last time you each took the time to just sit and enjoy each other’s company? 

If it’s been more than 30 days, you need the LOVE Habit.

This habit will transform your relationship because it will give you the tools you need to make the most of the time you do have, to reconnect with each other on a regular basis.

The LOVE Habit will also help prevent the “slow fade” that often happens to couples who find their way to divorce court.

The LOVE Habit is a step by step relatable process that will help improve the quality of the communication within your marriage.

The LOVE Habit – Relationship Kit also provides you with Mindfulness Meditations will help guide you decompress, get clear and focus on the good that is both in your life and within your marriage.   The Guided Meditations you can play anytime you need help finding peace, clarity and calm.

 No relationship is perfect.  If you want to strengthen your relationship and deepen the connection within your marriage the LOVE Habit can help you get there. 

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Healthy Love Habit Relationship Kit


  • A 30 Minute Workshop

    Focusing on what matters, it goes into what the Love Habit is,  how it works, and why it makes a difference.

  • Downloadable PDF Worksheet

    The PDF worksheet will help you get things started and will help you develop the Healthy Love Habit to the fullest. 
  • Six Guided Meditation Audio Recordings

    Sometimes life gets tough and you need to take a moment to calm down, figure out what you want and move forward.  The guided meditations can be played anytime you need them.
  • BONUS - 12 Forms of Intimacy & Connection PDF Guide.

    Learn about the 12 Forms of Intimacy and Connect that will help you think about the possible ways you can strengthen your connection and relationship throughout the ups and downs in life.

Audio samples of the Guided Meditations included in this Relationship Kit.


The Guided Meditations Topics:

  • How to Meditate.
  • Dealing with Conflicting Intimacy Needs.
  • Knowing What You Want and Need within your Relationship.
  • Overcoming Relationship Insecurity. 
  • Overcoming Pressure to Be or Do.
  • Overcoming Relationship Stress and Worry.

How does this work?

Step 1

Purchase the Healthy Love Habit.

Step 2

Check your email for log in details.


Step 3

Create a log in using your email and private password.

Step 4

Once you have logged in, play the Healthy Love Workshop video. You will have access to the presentation, PDF download. 

Step 5

Play the guided meditations anytime you need them to help calm down, get clear and brainstorm ideas to move forward.



Due to the digital nature of the Healthy Love Academy Relationship Kit - and the fact you can consume the material in just a few short hours- We do Not offer refunds. We are confident that you will find benefit in one or more of the materials provided.  

More about Shawna Leady

As a divorce mediator, I've seen and heard many couples explain that they are getting divorced, not because they don't love each other, but because they drifted apart and live more like roommates than lovers. 

Others have shared that they feel alone in their relationship because they can't share their real thoughts and feelings without being judged or criticized.

But divorce is not always the best answer.  While I do believe that divorce may be the option for some, I think divorce has become the go to option when things start to feel a little uncomfortable.

Growing up, my parents divorced when I was young and went onto other relationships, some good and some not so great. 

I wanted to break this divorce cycle that I experienced growing up.  I also wanted to understand what makes for healthy relationships.

This is where the Healthy Love Relationship Kits come in.  I created these quick kits to help provide a quick overview of the process and why it works.

I truly hope you experience the positive shifts, growth and strengthen your relationship.

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I can’t wait for you to learn about The Healthy Love Habit

Imagine after using the Healthy Love Habit one time, how good both of you will feel about your life together.  

This is a habit that will improve the quality of your relationship and help you genuinely  feel more secure about your life and relationship no matter the challenges that may come your way.

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