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This is a 12 Day Challenge, will help you discover meaningful form of intimacy and connection each day.  Learn how to create the relationship you have always wanted.

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Lasting Love is Possible

Most people don’t want to become a divorce statistic, but as they look at their relationship, they wonder if they’re next. We teach the four  proven relationship habits of successful couples. We also support our members by giving them the tools they need to get calm, get clear and determine their next steps.


The Become an ALL ACCESS Member

Once you become and ALL ACCES Member of the Healthy Love Academy, you will have access to: The 4 Healthy Love Relationship Kits. Each Relationship Kit explains in detail a specific habit of successful couples. You will also have complete access the growing library of relationship focused guided meditations, and a monthly Live Q&A with Shawna.

Have REAL Conversations.

It's common knowledge that successful relationships communicate.  But what does it mean to have a meaningful conversation.  In this Relationship Kit, you will learn what it take to have a REAL Conversation.  

Get Honest about What You Want.

It's difficult to advocate for what you need, if you don't know what you want.  This Relationship Kit provides a focused three part process, to help you determine what you really want. 

Make Time for the LOVE Habit.

Time and the distractions in life can restrict the time and energy from your relationship.  The LOVE Habit will help you make the most of the time you share together, and deepen the intimacy and connection you each share.

Learn How to Deal with Conflict.

Healthy Relationships are made of two imperfect people. This Relationship Kit explains the steps to take after an argument.  Arguments do not signal an ending, but an opportunity to better understand.

Guided Meditations

The Library of Healthy Love Mediations is here to support you during your every day life and trials. Check out the Listen tab to hear sample recordings.  The audio recordings will help you find the calm, clarity and best options, when you are unsure about what to do next.  New recordings are added every month.

Monthly Q & A's

Developing any habit takes time and practice.  The Healthy Love Habits are no different.  ALL ACCESS Members can participate in the Q & A session, with Shawna Leady, once a month.

Let me share with you the process I use with my clients.

As a divorce mediator since 2010, I've developed a proven process that helps people get to the heart of what they really want and need in their relationship.  With this knowledge, they've become better advocates for themselves and their relationship.  I look forward to sharing these tips with you.

Shawna Leady 


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Sometimes you just need to take a moment, catch your breath and gain some perspective.  Here's the opportunity to have access to over 20+ relationship focused guided mediations.  Each recording, in this expanding audio library, will help you get calm, get clear and determine your next best steps.   Click on the Listen tab to listen to sample recordings.



The Guided Mediation Library will help you find the answers you have been searching for.


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